Easter decorations – start with blowing eggs

You will need a bowl and an egg.

Then find a substantial pin – a safety pin works well. Stab it into the pointed end of the egg and wiggle round to make a small hole. If possible, push it into the egg far enough to perforate the yolk. Then do the same at the round end and make a bigger hole. The right hand picture shows that this can cause a leak from the smaller hole – no problem – just wipe away the raw egg.

The next stage is to blow the egg. Blow through the small hole so the yolk and egg white come out of the larger hole. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of force to blow out the contents – but be careful as the shell can break.

Keep the egg contents for cooking, then the empty egg is ready to be rinsed, inside and out.

Then the fun stage – decorating. Use anything from paint, ink, felt tips etc to colour the egg, create a pattern or design. Be careful – it’s easy to break the shell!

To suspend the egg from a branch you will need to fix a wire or thread to it. There are several methods.

Probably the easiest is to take a simple wire plant tie and twist a ‘knot’ at one end. Then push the wire into the egg through the large hole and out through the small hole at the top (stopped by the ‘knot’).

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