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Birthday Flowers

Patrick decided to buy some flowers 2 days before my birthday. He visited our local greengrocers then an excellent interflora shop about a mile away. Shop 1 had a poor selection that were mainly orange and yellow and shop 2 was shut despite a large notice saying they were open! So back he came and decided to have another look at shop 1. And bingo, they had new stock that had just come in. So he bought masses of beautiful flowers that he then put into a flower can of his grandmother’s.

Here are the flowers after I had taken the freesias out of their cellophane.

My plan was to cut the bottom of all the stems then to arrange the flowers in vases the following day. The next three pictures show this in progress.

And here is a better view of all the flowers waiting for me to arrange them. They are wonderful all together like this.

Many of the flowers were surprisingly tall so I chose large vases.

The first round of flower arranging was only semi-successful. Patrick had bought some gladioli, slightly against his better judgement so I arranged them with garden foliage to disguise the ‘spikes’.

After 5 days the gladioli were amazing as you can see below.

In all but one of the other vases, the stems appeared leggy rather than elegantly tall as you can see in the photos. I therefore decided to use foliage from the garden with them as well to fill out the arrangements.

This photo below is of the arrangement that seemed OK first time round. The freesias were beautifully scented and went well with the purple alstroemerias.  But it turned out to be the vase that dropped petals first.

The next 6 pictures are pairs, before and after foliage.







These flowers turned out to be a great success lasting for over a week despite high temperatures, often over 33C outside.

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