Me, Alison, 2020

This blog has come about because the coronavirus restrictions on movement free up time. As with so many people across the world, I had many activities that took me out of my home, plans to travel, and also visits scheduled from relations and friends. All these were cancelled.

I have been using the internet more than normal. It is wonderful to be able to keep in contact with people so easily, and to participate in online group activities where you can actually see the participants.  Maybe this will continue to be part of our lives once we are less restricted. Anything that reduces travelling by car is an environmental plus. I can also see activities that might have been cancelled, for example during bad weather in winter, carrying on virtually now everyone knows how to use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts etc.

Although retired, I am normally very busy with a mixture of voluntary and freelance work, music, reading, gardening and cooking, as well as keeping in touch with friends and family.  Many of these do not depend on going out, travelling or receiving visitors. I am very fortunate in this respect.  So this has been a great opportunity to spend time creating accounts of some of these activities. I am also keeping a diary. Both will reduce the risk of thinking: what did I do with all those empty weeks? It would be so easy just to get on with life but to forget the details on looking back over the months of restrictions.