Easter Decorations – mainly eggs

These lovely eggs all started as regular hen’s eggs. They had a friend who was a goose egg. All these eggs were first blown and rinsed, then, for most of them, a thread or wire attached to hang them up.  The goose egg was decorated as Humpty Dumpty wearing a school cap! Sadly he has broken beyond repair.

The eggs below have been decorated over the years by members of the family. In the early days the painting was fairly basic as you’d expect when done by a 3 or 4 year old. As time went by the decorations became more complicated or individual. Year by year the numbers increased, the new eggs outpacing the breakages. This year there were two that broke and no new ones, but there are still plenty to hang on a banch.

This is the 2020 bare branch. It is lilac that is just coming out – it has been an early spring and a fairly late Easter so forsythia is over so this was the best option amongst the shrubs in the garden.

The branch is decorated by hanging the eggs on the branches. The ones on threads sway gently if there is a breeze.

This papier maché egg has painted daffodils on the top half and trains from Thomas the Tank Engine on the lower half. As you can see Toby the tram engine (7) is there and also Gordon (4) on the top photo with Henry (3) below, and Edward (2) on the bottom photo. Thomas is between Gordon and Edward, just in view on both pictures, but not his number (1)! This egg was made in about 1984, with help from a three year old, and astonishingly it has lasted all this time.

And below is what happens to the small eggs waiting on the table……. The skilled part is putting the two halves together without eggs spilling everywhere, tying the ribbon round and standing the egg vertically – a bit of a balancing act.

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